Richie Stratton


thumbnailRichie Stratton is one of the funniest fresh faces in comedy. After winning a number of contests in Portland, he has been working on the road ever since. Richie combines universally funny views on life, hilarious characters, and an infectious energy, all while tight rope walking on the edge. You'll have no idea what Richie will say next, but you're sure to enjoy it. His youthful look and innocent persona will be shattered the minute he opens his mouth. Richie Stratton is a traditional stand-up comedian that defies convention.

"...Richie is one of the brightest young comics I've seen in 11 years hosting the show... He's got great timing, a fresh outlook, and he connects with audiences of all ages. This young man is going far!"
-Robin Jordan
95.5 KMBR-FM/Butte, Mt

"I saw Richie Stratton- a bouncy, upbeat patterer who gives lie to the cliché that all comics are secretly bitter, doomed men - three times in a month and never heard him do the same joke twice."
MARTYSMITH Portland Tribune/Portland,OR