Jeremy Whitman


thumbnailAt first glance Jeremy appears quite reserved; perhaps even naive. This preconception is summarily shattered by laughter as this "boy-next-door" enthusiastically proceeds to lampoon any subject he can get his hands on. A life long resident of a notoriously white trash hamlet just outside of Tacoma Washington, Jeremy rests comfortably behind a veil of assumed innocence as he relates hilariously twisted tales of his childhood, and his less than opulent adult life. His shows start out strong and fast, and then continues on an upward spiral of hysterical amusement. Immediately, the crowd realizes that he is absolutely not what he appears to be, but instead something much more interesting.

Jeremy is a common and welcome sight in comedy clubs, colleges, and casinos throughout the country. At only 26 years old, he has already been a finalist in the 2004 Portland Comedy Challenge, and contestant in the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition.

By coupling an unstoppable drive with his own unique and well honed natural writing and performing abilities, he has risen quickly through the ranks; and made his mark as one of the sharpest, and most promising young comics on the scene today.

His disarming approach to a variety of topics allows him to take an audience almost anywhere. Once he possesses the stage audience members are often gleefully unaware of the direction he is going with a particular topic, or even how he's carried them so far into his own off-kilter psyche in the first place. All they can know for sure is that the ride was fast and funny, it shows no signs of slowing down, and the end result will be completely unexpected, highly innovative, and downright hilarious.