thumbnailJD Provorse began training for a life in the stand-up business at the tender age of 27, under the tutelage of legendary masked luchador El Gaucho Insano. Many have often inquired as to why one would seek to learn the art of stand-up comedy from a professional wrestler, to which JD would always simply reply, "Midgets. Duh."

Having spent literally tens of minutes under the hot lights and judgemental audience glares on stage at El Gaucho Insano's Comedy Torture Dungeon and Sushi Bar, JD eventually developed the ego necessary to to go out into the world and ask people to pay him just to listen to him talk about absurdities and perversions for a short while. As a secondary skill, he also developed the ability to write amazing run-on sentences.

When asked what to expect from his comedy, JD once famously told reporter Chastity Dunderbox (from indie comedy darling website laffrrriotgrrl.com) that "you can expect to hear things you never expected to hear, which makes my comedy a sort of psychic adventure experiment, because I have to get inside your noggin and figure out what you'd never expect me to say, and then say it.

But whatever I end up saying, you're the one who wasn't expecting it, so it's totally on you." You should probably know that JD likes to play in the dirt.

Some of his stuff is definitely rated R for adult content. Thankfully, adults are the only ones who come out to comedy shows anyway, so in the end it all works out.

Except for that one time he did a show for a high school after-prom party at a Christian youth center in Tyler, MN. But even the chaperones laughed, even at the really dirty stuff. They paid him a bonus and everything. Now, that's something.